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The International College of Continuing Professional Training of Experts and Specialists carries out continuous professional training activities for persons who have acquired the competence of expert or specialist according to the law, as well as the graduates of a higher education structure that wish to acquire knowledge in a certain field, to deepen their knowledge in order to gain access to new skills that are acquired according to the legal provisions. The college, in partnership with research institutions, universities, European Expertise & Expert Institute, conducts research in the field of increasing the role of the expert in the contemporary society dominated by new technologies whose effects we must further discover, know and apply the principle of prudence or deepening.

The college is headed by the President university professor PhD.eng. Grămescu Ana Maria.



This structure has the following objectives:

– Increasing the quality and competitiveness of judicial and extrajudicial expertise services;

– Promote the principles of competence in the activity of expertise by recommending the experts and / or the specialists who prove the knowledge and skills in the different fields;

– Strengthening the collaboration between the Romanian academic environment and the labor market;

– Strengthening the collaboration on the basis of the public-private partnership;

– Increasing the role of the private environment, non-governmental organizations, strengthening the public-private partnership in promoting the quality of the services provided to civil society;

– Developing the competitive attitude as a prime factor in promoting the Romanian university system as an active factor in developing knowledge, research;

– Ensuring continuous professional training of experts and specialists;

– Implementation of professional standards, homologated work procedures;

– Development of a network of collaboration, networks of knowledge and professional recognition with other similar structures, with international professional associations whose concerns are in these directions – promotion of new research directions, elaboration of international jurisprudence in the field of expertise technical.

The courses are organized by geographical area at the request of experts and specialists as well as the graduates of higher education who wish to improve their professional training in the field of activity. The events are organized in groups of at least 12 applicants.

The courses are held by certified persons, university teachers, experts, specialists, lawyers, with guests of the specialists from the state institutions beneficiaries of the technical expertise reports. The objective of these scientific events is the development of the act of knowledge, promotion of scientific values ​​and competences in the act of technical expertise. Another very important objective of these scientific events is the involvement of the academic environment, professional organizations, civil society in a public-private partnership in increasing the quality of the judicial and extrajudicial expertise.


The International College of Continuing Professonal Training of Experts and Specialists organizes courses / workshops / conferences with the following topics during 2019:

– Judicial technical expertise as a means of evidence in civil and criminal proceedings;

– Content of judicial expertise;

– Evaluation of historical buildings;

– Requirements for designing intervention works for heritage buildings;

– The study of the foundation lands, their risk in the technical expertise;

– Judicial technical expertise in the field of resistance and stability of constructions;

– Technical expertise of reinforced concrete constructions;

– Expertise of artistic components in heritage constructions and their value quantification;

– Procedures in judicial technical expertise;

– Insurance damage assessment;

– Areas and competences of technical expertise;

– The role of the expert and specialist in the current European context;

– Interdisciplinary scientific research as a primary factor in proving the truth – the role of judicial and extrajudicial expertise.


These scientific events are proposed to be organized between April 2019 and December 2019. Applicants have the opportunity to opt in time for the topics presented in order to be able to establish the priority program as well as the other organizational aspects.

Depending on the requests received, the thematic proposals can be supplemented, modified.