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SC MANAGEMENT EXPERT INTERNATIONAL SRL Brăila was established in 1997 having as object of activity Architectural, engineering and technical consultancy services related to them, in addition: research and development in physical and natural sciences, legal activities, accounting, tax consulting , activities of market and survey studies, consulting and evaluation in business management, technical expertise on the strength and stability of constructions, real estate appraisals, activities mainly performed by commercial companies, research activities in education, investment consulting – feasibility studies, analysis of the best use of a site, design, technical expertise and consultancy in the conservation, rehabilitation of monuments and historical buildings, consultancy in management issues, financial analysis and development.

Since its establishment until now, the activity of the company has mainly materialized in the elaboration of technical expertise on the strength and stability of constructions, judicial and extrajudicial expertise, design works, project verification works, evaluation studies, feasibility studies, studies of feasibility studies. restructuring, preparatory work for privatization or liquidation, setting up joint ventures, etc.

Since 2018, by the decision of the management, the field of activity has been expanded and the International College of Experts and Specialists has been established, a college headed by the President Prof Univ Dr Ing Grămescu Ana Maria and which aims at the following objectives:

– Increasing the quality and competitiveness of judicial and extrajudicial expertise services;
– Promoting the principles of competence in the activity of expertise by recommending the experts and / or the specialists who prove the knowledge and competences in the different fields in support of the program “looking for an expert";
– Strengthening the collaboration between the Romanian academic environment and the labor market;
– Strengthening the collaboration between the public-private environment;
– Increasing the role of the private environment, non-governmental organizations, strengthening the public-private partnership in promoting the quality of the services provided to civil society;
– Developing the competitive attitude as a primary factor in promoting the Romanian university system – an active factor in the development of knowledge, of scientific research;
– Ensure continuous professional training of experts and specialists
– Implementation of professional standards, approved work procedures;
– Development of a network of collaboration, networks of knowledge and professional recognition with other similar structures, with international professional associations whose concerns are in these principles – promotion of new directions of research, elaboration of international jurisprudence in the field of expertise technical.

The team of experts of the company, together with its collaborators – specialized companies and experts individuals, have elaborated to date over 5,000 works.

The company has collaborated and collaborates with experts and specialists from all fields, members of prestigious national and international associations in the field of activity (ERES, European Institute of Judicial Expertise, Asian Real Estate Society, American Real Estate and Urban Economics Association, Association of Criminal Sciences, Union of Historic Monument Restoration of Romania, Association of Structural Designers Engineers, General Association of Engineers of Romania, Technical Expert Corps of Romania), technical experts certified by the Ministry of Justice, technical experts certified by the Ministry of Regional Development and Administration 10/1995 updated, technical experts certified by the Ministry of Culture and National Identity in accordance with the provisions of the updated Law 422/2001, real estate appraisers, valuers of commercial companies, ANEVAR members, placement consultants and BSE, specialists in business.